With the increasing recognition of skateboarding in the public, more and more girls join the skateboarding family, and many female skateboarders prove through their own efforts that skateboarding is not exclusively for men. Wearing pink red riding hood and wearing skirts, they add colorful colors to the skateboarding circle
So, what do we need to pay attention to when we skateboard?

1. Panel size
Due to the small feet of girls, we can consider to choose a smaller board when choosing a skateboard. The small board is lighter and easier to flip. 7.5~8.0 inches is recommended

2. Gear
We often stress the importance of protective gear, which can reduce the risk of injury and increase self-confidence. For girls, it's a way to avoid bruising. Board boy's leg is not a black and blue, if you girls do not pay attention to the protection of good words, later with short shorts and short skirts out of the question.
AnnaMonique, a web celebrity model on instagram, wears every piece of gear on her skateboard. After all, if she gets a bruise on her body, she'll be in trouble with the photographer for a while.

3. Warm-up
Warm-up is to warm up the muscles of the body with short time and low intensity before the exercise, raise the temperature of the body, accelerate the blood circulation, make the body adapt to the upcoming strenuous exercise more quickly, and reduce the probability of injury.
Warm up the right way: 90 percent of skaters don't know the right way to warm up, not only to reduce the risk of injury, but also to help you perform better.

As a girl, skateboarding will definitely get more attention. Accordingly, every time you fail or fall, there's a lot of eyes on you, and whether you have a strong heart and a good enough mindset determines how long you can stay on the road.
However, as a board girl, you will get more encouragement and care from board boys. When you are in trouble, believe that every board member is willing to help you.

5. Choose your friends carefully
As lu's children, no matter what activities they participate in, they should learn to recognize people with their eyes and pay attention to protect themselves. Don't let down your guard just because someone is good at skateboarding, making friends should pay more attention to the character, I hope you can find a good friend who is willing to skateboard, encourage each other and make progress together

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