Introduction to different skateboarding methods

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What is the longboard made of?
The long board is generally composed of: board surface, bracket (bridge), wheel, bearing, sandpaper and bridge nails. Because of the different ways of playing the long board, the board and various accessories also have a lot of choices.
The plate
Material: the long board is made of maple and bamboo wood. With more requirements on the performance of the board, some composite materials, such as glass fiber or carbon fiber, are added into the long board, and some boards are made of pure alloy.
The plate type
Different playing methods, suitable for the board has a great difference, generally can be divided into rapid-fall, flat flowers and dance board three kinds of playing methods.
1, the downhill
The downhill is the most exciting and competitive way to play the long board. The Downhill can be subdivided into Downhill, Freeride, Slide plate type.
Downhill plate type is born for speed.
Shape features: stable, hard, medium length, moderately dented surface for holding the foot, the end of the board does not give you the space to kick the board - to do the action that freeride does.
The world record for a long board fall is 130 kilometers per hour
High-speed freedom belongs to the very high order of play, generally when playing will find a relatively long slope, in the whole process of falling to make the drift, rotation, etc.
This game is very exciting, but also with a high risk, the limit of the long board can be fully reflected in this game.
Freeride board type standard is the board body can be used in both directions and deep wheel well.
Slide board type refers to the process of sliding down the slope to perform various deceleration, and rotation skills, etc. This kind of play requires usually wearing a full set of knee protectors, protective pads, elbow pads, slider gloves, helmet, etc.
2. Flat style
It mainly focuses on pattern skills, similar to street skateboard, but because the board is longer and larger, the movements are not as flexible and high-flying as street skateboard, most of the movements are relatively loose and elegant.
Players usually make various movements on the board
3, dance
Dance board can move back and forth on the board, turn the body to make movements like dancing, elegant and beautiful.
This kind of movement requires a lot of balance. It looks easy, but it's hard to do. If you see a board over 42 inches, it should be a Dancing board!
In addition to the above three ways to play, the long board also has a very practical function - step. That is, Cruising board, which is called Cruising board.
The longboard is faster than other skateboards, better than roller skates for road adaptability, and better than bicycles for portability.
Longboard may be a new generation of green transportation.
People will even use the longboard to walk across the country as a means of long-distance travel.

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