Put your feet on the board. Put your front foot on the front rack, then put your back foot slightly back from where you normally stand, close to the bolt. It's best to have a bit of momentum before trying to grab the board, which will make it easier to lift and land. It's hard to bounce the board if you just stand there without moving.

2. Pick up the front shelf of the board a little behind. Bend over slightly, in the same direction as the bottom of the board, and use your right hand to grab the back of the front rack, which is just behind your front foot. Make sure you have a strong grip on the board and actively lift it up.

3. Take your front foot off the board. Put your feet on the ground and then flip the end of the board with your hands. This is called dolphin jumping. Make sure your hands hold onto the board. The skateboard should be in the air before your feet hit the ground. You need to do a little bit of preparation, using the force of the front foot to bounce the board up. You need to practice and learn how to get your front feet off the board quickly.

4. Jump with the board. Move your body with the board and raise one hand to help you reach a good height. Place your other hand in the middle of the board and hold on to it while leaping through the air, keeping your back foot firmly behind the board. It's hard to put your entire back foot on the board when you first jump, but you should try to keep it there, at least with your toes and the balls of your feet on the board if you can.

5. Balance the board with your back hand. If the board is deflecting from the front foot, keep your hands on the board and keep it straight. You need to make it very straight so that you can put your front foot easily on it.

6. When the board is balanced, place the front foot on the board. When your board is balanced and still some distance from the ground, put your front foot on the board and release your back hand. That way you'll land neatly. When you put your feet up, you still need to crouch down and bend your knees, which will help cushion the impact of the landing.

7. Slide away crisply. When landing on the ground, straighten your body and move your arms away from your body, allowing them to approach your body for balance. When you feel steady, you can even start to try another grip!

8. Try more hand grip tricks. When you're done with the gripper, try adding a little variety. Try to make a grip on the downhill or add some other tricks. Here you can try some other moves: 180 degree gripper 360 degree gripper flip 180 degree independent gripper ,For Electric Skateboard: https://strailboard.com/


Don't just push with your hands, use your back feet. Bending your knees allows you to jump higher. Try stationary on grass or gravel first. Try to put your front foot down and take off very quickly. It will look cooler and move more smoothly. Jump on the shelf, or your board will break.


Wear protective gear. Landing the wrong way can cause you to fall and break your board.