Onda V10 2GB RAM 10.1 inch IPS Screen Android 7.0 Tablet Gold 32GB


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Not bad Review by Alexandre Leal
Met my expectations regarding delivery time and quality of the device so far, since I have received the product 10 days (Posted on 7/21/2017)
Fabulous Tablet Review by Liz
Review of Onda v10 Android 7.0 tablet
This is a fabulous tablet. Video run smoothly, no lag time, no buffering. The images are beautiful HD quality. Some reviewers say that the plastic case is cheap, I think it's fine. I'm going to place it in a tablet case with a clear screen protector in the front and back. The packaging and shipping was excellent. My tablet came in it's original box placed inside another box with packing material, this box was in a DHL plastic bag. It came fully charged at 100%. I ordered on July 7th and received it July 13th 2017, so definitely fast shipping. I did not pay for fast shipping.
Following is a problem I had and the how to fix this will help with any Android device my dilemma was a WiFi and/or internet stuck IP in endless loop...I didn't know it at the time until I did research. Initially I did a factory reset this puts the tablet in Chinese character mode now what…?
THIS IS WHAT TO DO…for any Chinese version Android
Go to:SETTINGS/look for one of the following icons (device will vary) a square with an “A” , a globe, or an equalizer logo. (Onda tablet was a globe.)
You'll see a 1) with Chinese characters; the first is initial language. Select (+) add symbol. Select your language. This is now 2) language. Save. Now to make the 2nd language your (1) first. CLICK, HOLD, DRAG TO FIRST POSITION. Now you're in your language of choice. Save.

My dilemma... WIFI or IP stuck in loop.
There was 3-5 sec chance to pull down settings window and turn WiFi off.

I created a Bluetooth Tether from my Android phone to the Android tablet. I now had internet access. I downloaded from Google Store the necessary software, set up my tablet. I even ran YouTube to see how video performs and it was great no lag or buffering time.

Here is the links to the website there are 10 Solutions I suggest printing it out and following
the directions…

Now go to Google Store download : IP tools apk. This app will give you the Gateway or IP Address (same thing) of the router in big white numbers. Write them down. The instructions suggested WiFi fixer apk, which is useless so don't even bother.
Suggestion 10 worked for me.
GO TO: SETTINGS/CONNECTIONS/WIFI=ON. Press and hold the network name. You will now be able to modify network configuration or manage network/ show advanced options.
Enter the network password.
Select DHCP: change to STATIC.
In IP address: change to:
In Gateway: (the #’s you got from IP tools...the Big White numbers)
Save or connect...
Now enjoy your fabulous (cheap) tablet.
I truly love this tablet. (Posted on 7/17/2017)
Onda V10 2GB RAM 10.1 inch IPS Screen Android 7.0 Tablet Review by chueng
Top quality product for the price. Large, brilliant and clear high resolution display.
Can only the 2G or E to work; ok for calls and text but not much for web browsing or for watching Youtube videos. Did anyone get this to work on T-Mobile USA 1900 3G? (Posted on 7/5/2017)
Looks great! Review by Lily
WOW. What a new product ! Shipping to America? (Posted on 5/12/2017)

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