1. From the process of the board surface, the first is from the development of surfing, the carving of wooden blocks is polished, some have no tail, purely sliding and using channel and tubular props to simulate the feeling of surfing, don’t think In ancient times, this trend is now popular again. It is called "small fish plate". It is especially convenient to travel. Think about the movie "Dog Town Boy" is the routine. The more representative brand in the contemporary era is duster.

2. Immediately after the advent of plastic plates, plastics are widely used in the 1970s. The color and texture of plastics are endless. The design applied to the skateboard surface is quite fashionable, called Penny Board.
Now this penny board is re-popular, compact and light, and has many colors. It is convenient for skateboarders to travel, and it has become a tide. So many people who are known as the board of the board have a must-have, don’t criticize, I hope more and more People try to skateboard and fall in love with skateboards for a variety of reasons, don't worry about what the original intention and the first skateboard look like.

3. Later, the single rocker appeared. In addition to the Freeestyle board, the skateboard was also made a concave.
From the beginning of surfing, it is inevitable to play the U pool on the land. The function of the skateboard is still on the analog surf, but there are already signs of starting to play big. The skateboard culture has also begun to take shape.
Now our skateboarders Tony Hawk, Caballero, Lance Mountain and the Powell and U-pool skateboards together have driven the development of the entire industry.Street-style skateboarding is gaining momentum. Today's so-called "double rocker" has appeared. The first double-waisted board at the end of the first board is the signature board of Mike V at World Industries. They are more convenient for the front foot straps, making it easier to jump off the board (because this is the basis of street skateboarding). We do not say longboards, even if it is possible to divide the usual skateboard into cruising and tricks, it is difficult to have obvious boundaries: Can a single rocker do tricks? Can the double rocker be replaced with a big wheel to slide? Can ~ plastic fish plate can go up the stairs,

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