Onda VX610W Deluxe__Android4.0.3-1.1 Firmware (Only Support V5 Version)

Storage: 265M
Compatibility: Onda VX610W Deluxe (V5)
Note: For Machine's version,Please check the machine Back SN Code 10, 11;
1.Play Flash Online
2, Add support portable hot function, will your tablet into a wireless hot spot. Cell phones, computers, and other equipment can be through the tablet to share Internet.
3, Add New WIFI DIRECT function, in no network environment, can be from router, more DIRECT coupling machine.
4, Installed more rich application software.
5, Performance improvements,performance improved 16%
6, Fixed before version of the part of the BUG, improve software compatibility, the operation of the system more stable

Download: http://file2.mydrivers.com/ondata/download/driver/oamp3/VX610WP/VX610WP_V5_Android4.0.3-1.1.rar