Onda V812/V811/V813 Quad Core Android Tablet V2.0 Firmware:293MB

1. Optimize the startup speed
2. Update the GPU driver, greatly improve the GPU performance and stability
3. Optimization screen rotation speed
4. Optimize JPEG decoding speed
5. Optimize the application entry/exit speed
6. Reduce the power consumption of the system to sleep
7. Optimize the photo effect, improve the function of fast
8. WIFI function optimization, repair the router on standby for a period of time, can't surf the Internet after wake up
9. Complete OTA online upgrade function
10. Optimization of video playback, and support for 3D video playback
11. A revised version before the BUG and improve system stability

V812 Quad Core V2.0 Firmware: (only support V1,V2,V3,V4 Version)

V812 Quad Core V2.0 Firmware: (only support V5 Version)

V811 Quad Core V2.0 Firmware:

V813 Quad Core V2.0 Firmware: