Skateboarding is the favorite of many young men and women, but in the use of many practical problems. So, does skateboarding need backfeet?

Work on one foot first, then the other. Your right foot first practice, you are right foot slider, with the left foot to do the movement is the reverse foot movement. Front foot and back foot.

Move the board forward to the proper speed and spread your feet as far as possible across both ends of the board. Place your weight on the front foot, i.e. the left foot, so that the tail of the board is upturned, while rotating 180 degrees clockwise (backward or outward). If done correctly, turn the board upside down and use your right foot as support. It's very simple, you have to understand that this is a relative concept.

That is to say, if the habitual posture is regular(left foot in front, right foot in back), then the opposite foot is goofy (right foot in front, left foot in back). On the contrary, the habitual posture is goofy (right foot in front, left foot in back), then the reverse foot is regular(left foot in front, right foot in back)

Safety precautions for skateboarding
1, the height of the handlebar should be slightly lower than the baby's chest, which is conducive to the baby's grip, too high baby is not conducive to the control of the handlebar, too low use will feel tired.
2, the handlebars and the body of the vertical direction, only when turning the handlebars, if the handlebars always turn left or right, the car will go around in a direction, the baby easy to fall.
3, easy to fall when using, and the size of the wheel, the material used is also relevant, the wheel is large and the material is relatively soft, the role of the buffer is greater, encounter small trenches or uneven road is much safer.
4, practice should choose a person relatively few places, the ground is relatively flat, it is best to asphalt or cement pavement, should not do this sport on smooth marble ground; The speed should also be moderate.

For Electric Skateboard: